Reindeer Notes

tiny 20 pound ball of fur chasing a tall 125 pound yearling reindeer!

  We had great fun in 2003 taking all five reindeer for walks in the yard.  Harvey got pretty good at walking two reindeer at the same time, although there were a few times when the ropes got pretty tangled up in the process.  One afternoon Garnet was so anxious to go for a walk, she didn't wait for her halter and slipped out behind Silver through the gate.  She was so intent on eating dandelions, she ran to the nearest patch where we walked up to her, put on her halter and attached a rope.  New rule at the Agate Inn...the baby reindeer is the first to be haltered before  walking the reindeer.

  April 11, 2003, 8 pm, excitement in the reindeer pen again!  A tiny female reindeer was born.  Daddy Silver and brothers, Jade and Mica, were herded into an adjacent pen to give mom, Crystal and baby Garnet time alone. 

  From her first day Garnet was extremely interested in what her brothers were doing on the other side of the fence.  By day three, she would run back and forth along the fence while Jade and Mica on the other side of the fence, ran its length, stopped abruptly, turned and ran back again.   At five days old, she actually crawled under the fence and joined her dad and brothers in the adjoining pen.  Mother, Crystal was frantic, unable to reach Garnet. She was perfectly safe and happy, though it took some real coaxing to get her back into her pen with Crystal. 

  A week later we let the herd reunite.  Garnet dashed out the adjoining gate and chased Mica for 15 minutes through the hills and marsh.  What a sight….a

  Unfortunately, 2004 started off poorly.  During a major wind storm on January 5, Garnet was intrigued by the plastic shopping bags blowing around and ate one.  The vet was able to surgically remove one lodged in her esophagus.  We nursed her in the barn and she recovered from the surgery.  Weather permitting we let her spend daylight hours with the

  We spent the month of April, 2004 anxiously awaiting the birth of another reindeer calf.  After a couple of false labors, another boy, Granite, was born on April 23, 2004.  From the moment we found Granite lying under a tree, he was the tamest of all the reindeer.  He didn't mind being endlessly rubbed.  Within weeks, three year olds were feeding and petting him.  Harness training was extremely easy with this little guy.

  Without a yearling to play with, Granite takes advantage of every minute we are in the pen to play with us.  We have learned not to turn our backs...those little antlers can be pretty sharp!
  Watch for another baby reindeer announcement in April, 2005.

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Garnet….hours old

rest of the herd.  Sadly, on January 23 Garnet became very weak and died of shock.  During the necropsy we found she had a second plastic bag in her stomach that blocked  her intestines.

  Garnet was such a sweet little thing and is sorely missed.

Can you count the antlers?...July, 2003

Granite….April 23, 2004