Baby Reindeer ..the herd expands.from page three

pretty smooth.  But then rutting season (Sept-Oct) was a little different story.  Until Crystal joined Silver in the winter pen he spent day and night running up and down the hill, barking.  Then there was quite a battle followed by a week of  Silver chasing Crystal up, down and around the three acre pen, barking nonstop.

  Things finally settled down and on April 17, 2002, Crystal gave birth to her second baby

boy reindeer, Mica.  Jade and Mica are as different as night and day.  Mica was up and running from the start.  We had a tough time catching the little guy, let alone convincing him that letting us put on a halter and lead him with a rope was a good thing.  But finally, we managed to halter train Mica and Crystal too.

  With expectation of another baby reindeer in April, 2003, the herd has grown to the point we can begin harness

training our deer.  That first sleigh ride is bound to be exciting!   800-770-2290
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