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Climbing To The Top...Mt. McKinley 20,320 feet  by Harvey Bowers

From Harvey and Sandy Bowers

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Local Events

Jan Willow Winter Carnival
Feb Iron Dog Race
Mar Iditarod Days Festival
Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Sourdough Ball
April Baby reindeer are born
May Salmon Fishing Starts!
Jun Colony Days
Jul Wasilla Water Festival
Moose Dropping Festival
Palmer Pride Picnic
Aug Alaska State Fair
Sept Aurora Borealis start to become visible.
Dec Colony Christmas
Talkeetna Winterfest
Climbing to the top of Mt. McKinley was an experience to say the least.  The next challenge on our month long trek...descend the north side of the mountain and hike to Wonder Lake in Denali National Park.  This route is a “mountaineering classic” least that was what I was promised.

Denali Pass at 18,200 feet is not to be taken lightly.  Now our third trip over the pass, we packed up all our climbing gear and carried it over the pass, down the north side of Mt. McKinley onto the Harper Glacier and through 16 miles of glaciers and ridges. The trip over the pass was uneventful.  However, as a geologist I was excited with the rock transition from white granite to black granite.  The only visible life

forms were ravens and the insects dropping to the glacier from the jet stream.

  We walked late into the evening and set up camp at Brown’s Tower, spending the coldest night of the trip at minus 40 F, with clear skies followed by a wonderful pink sunrise.  I had to remind myself that it was the end of June.

  The climb down Brown’s Tower was very steep with two or three feet of fresh snow.  We traversed past spectacular ice falls and started down Karstens Ridge, knife like with thousands of feet of exposure on either side and steeper than anything we encountered on our Mt. McKinley climb.  Working our way down the

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Mt. McKinley beckons

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