When he ate natural vegetation it caught and wedged at the base of his esophagus. Bloating caused stress on his organs. Jasper was especially friendly and it didnít take long to become attached.
     Crystal is strong and healthy. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will have a healthy calf in April. So, our plans for the first sleigh ride have been postponed, but not forgotten. In the meantime, we enjoy partaking in Crystalís reindeer games.


Join the 2001 archaeological dig at the Old Knik Townsite just south of Wasilla. Guest volunteers who would like to work for one or two weeks can register with the dig for $100 per week. Undergraduate and graduate university credit is available through the University of Alaska.
     During the 2000 dig, the home of an assayer was recovered with a lot of assayerís equipment.


Opening a toolbox/bench is planned for the 2001 excavations.
     To check on dig schedules, contact Fran Seager-Boss at 907-745-9859.


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