Reindeer Crystal and Agatha Christie

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From Harvey and Sandy Bowers

We want to thank everyone who entered the "Name Our Reindeer Contest" featured in our Winter 1999 newsletter.  There were a total of 59 entries by the May 1 deadline and on June 2, Crystal and Agatha Christie became resident reindeer at the Agate Inn.
  Reindeer herding is an enjoyable experience, always  with something new to learn.  Lately, friends are asking if we have seen the movie, "Reindeer Games".  Our response.......we watch reindeer games every day!  We haven't seen the movie, but we enjoy watching the games our reindeer play.  Here are some of Crystal's and Agatha's favorites.....When Harvey sets down a bucket of water (even if just for a minute) run up behind him, kick over the bucket and then kick and stomp the bucket around.... ...Ignore someone calling your name unless they shake a bucket of feed, then run full speed to beat the other reindeer to the feed.....When Harvey bends down to clear ice out of the water pan, pat him on the back with a hoof to remind him how reindeer discipline each

other...Play with the basketball by alternating between pushing it with your nose, trying to maneuver the ball with the tips of your antlers, or stomping the ball with your hoof......On a hot summer day (70 degrees F) act like you are dying from the heat until Harvey turns on the sprinkler then chase each other through the sprinkler...Play reindeer king of the hill and run to the top of the hill,

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2000 Fishing one

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2000 Fishing Forecast

River systems near Wasilla offer some of the best Salmon fishing in Alaska.  Local guide and owner of FishTale River Guides, Andy Couch, reports the summer of 2000 (particularly the month of June) should be another good to excellent year for King Salmon fishing on the Little Susitna River.  During May and July there are smaller numbers of King Salmon in the Little Susitna River, but the Talkeetna River peak King Salmon season is in early July. 

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