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Reindeer Games.....from page one

defend your position until the other reindeer chases you off, then take back the hill...Try to start running while standing on the ice pond.... ...Better yet, run up to the pond at full speed, stop abruptly and then slide across the ice (and we never see them fall!).
One of these days we will have to catch the movie, "Reindeer Games".  In the meantime, we will no doubt observe more reindeer games as we try to train Crystal and Agatha Christie to pull a sled.  The first ride will surely be a wild one!
Visit Crystal and Agatha Christie at http://www.agateinn.com.

King Salmon run from early May through July 13.  Early Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Red Salmon usually start returning to the rivers by mid July.  Expect better than normal fishing for these species of Salmon in late July, August, and early September.  Strong fighting Chum Salmon returned to the Little Susitna River in big numbers last summer.  Expect the same this year along with large numbers of Pink Salmon in late July and early August. 
For more information about fishing in the Matanuska and

Susitna Valleys, visit FishTale River Guides' website at http://www.fish4salmon.com.   Fishing packages, featuring four nights at the Agate Inn with three days fishing, start at $625.00 per person.
For information about fishing packages, call FishTale River Guides at 800-376-3625 or the Agate Inn at 800-770-2290.   

Archaeology Dig......Digging Up Knik

Take part in an Alaska History Archaeology dig.  Before the town of Anchorage existed, there was a native village called Knik.  During the late 19th century Knik became a thriving Euro-american supply station with its hay days between 1895 and 1915.  Knik was the major supply point for trappers and miners in southcentral Alaska.  The old anchorage for ships to unload onto small boats later became the town of Anchorage when the U.S. Government decided to build the Alaska Railroad.  With the railroad, most Knik residents and businesses moved to Wasilla.

Join us for a one week archaeological dig at the old townsite of Knik.  Digs are held annually, June 1 through July 31, through cooperation with the Mat-Su College and the Cultural Resources Division of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.  The Borough charges a registration fee to join the dig of $500.00 per week, per person. University credit is also available at the cost of $80.00 per credit hour.  One credit is granted per excavation week.
   Call Fran Seager-Boss at 907-745-9859 for details.

Local Events
January Willow Winter Carnival

February Iron Dog Race

March Iditarod Days Festival
Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Sourdough Ball

May Salmon fishing starts!

June  Colony Days

July  Wasilla Water Festival
   Moose Dropping Festival
   Palmer Pride Picnic

August Alaska State Fair

Dec.  Colony Christmas
    Talkeetna Winterfest

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