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for 1999. In addition, unusually large King Salmon were caught in 1998. FishTale anglers caught the two largest King Salmon on the Little Susitna River that have been caught in the past fifteen years. This trend of good to excellent King Salmon fishing is expected to continue in 1999. King Salmon run from early May through July 13. Andy expects the best King Salmon fishing to occur between June 1 and July 7.
   For years the Little Susitna River has produced Alaska’s second largest Silver Salmon sport harvest. Andy reminds us that mild winters traditionally produce strong Salmon returns a year and a half later. The past few winters have been mild, so expect swarms of the high action Silver Salmon in 1999. Early Silvers arrive the first or second week of July, but


the best fishing consistently occurs between July 20 and September.
   For more information about Salmon fishing visit FishTale’s website at http://www.fish4salmon.com or call Andy Couch at 800-376-3625.
   FishTale and other guides typically provide the fishing gear, but it is recommended to bring rain gear and knee boots, hip boots or chest waiters.
   The Agate Inn has plenty of freezer space and outdoor barbecues.
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   New for 1999, the Knik Building holds two wheel chair accessible apartment suites and four Luxury Rooms. Each luxury room has a king bed, two person whirlpool tub, wet bar and gas fireplace.

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