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2007 - Copper & Crystal

The herd hierarchy has changed a bit. Copper lost his antlers early and is at the bottom of the herd.

2006 - Copper & Crystal

Now that we're done breeding Crystal & Silver it is fairly quiet in the reindeer pen this winter. For the most part, the herd gets along pretty well.

2005 - Copper

Another boy!…..Little Copper arrived about 8:00 am on April 7, 2005. Strong and healthy, he was up wobbling alongside mom, Crystal, when Harvey found him at feeding time that morning. Copper was a bit independent and stubborn from the start.

2004 - Granite

April 16, seemed like the day Crystal would present her next calf.  She was getting grumpy, bluff charging Silver, Jade and Mica.  She would lie down on her favorite hill and start panting.

2003 - Garnate

Garnet was precious and very, very tame.  The little reddish brown ball of fur was intrigued by her dad and brothers in the adjacent pen.  She would spend all day next to the fence watching the boys. Brothers, Jade and Mica, started running back and forth along the fence while little Garnet tried to keep up.

2002 - Mica

Mica was born in the mid-afternoon of April 17, 2002. Mother - Crystal; Dad - Silver; Big Brother - Jade were all very excited and it took a couple of days for everybody, including us to get into a new routine. Mica was strong and healthy from day one. No two hour bottle feeding this year.

2001 - Jade

It's a boy!  Little Jade was born approximately 2 weeks early. When he was born, his mom, Crystal, didn't have milk and he was unable to nurse and grew very weak.  After a trip to the vet for tube feeding, he was well enough to come home and we bottle-fed him Land of Lakes Lambing Milk Replacer.

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