2007 - Home with the herd

We missed the reindeer this past fall dealing with medical issues. It was nice to come home and get reacquainted with our deer. Jade gave both of us a nuzzle. After their morning meal, they all stayed close to the back of our house and didn't venture out into the winter pens. The herd hierarchy has changed a bit. Copper lost his antlers early and is at the bottom of the herd. Crystal lets him eat with her but his brothers shoo him off.

Copper seems to stick close to Jade most of the time. Jade is hanging around the periphery as Silver keeps him away from Crystal. Even though there isn't a rut season anymore, Silver seems to think there is. Granite is as tough and stubborn as always. During meal time there is no way the other reindeer can push Granite from the feeder. Even Silver can't budge Granite. And our mild mannered Mica seems a bit braver than usual and joins Silver in chasing Jade around.

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