2002 - Mica

April 17, 2002 - Welcome, Mica!

April 2002:

Mica was born in the mid-afternoon of April 17, 2002. Mother - Crystal; Dad - Silver; Big Brother - Jade were all very excited and it took a couple of days for everybody, including us to get into a new routine. Mica was strong and healthy from day one. No two hour bottle feeding this year. By day two, he was running so fast, it took both Harvey and Sandy to catch him. Mica's harness training started by the end of week one. He had so much energy, we weren't able to handle a video camera during the training sessions.

One year old Jade didn't quite know what to make of his baby brother. Mom and baby calf were isolated in their own fenced area for the first seven days. Jade joined them after a week. Mica and Jade spent the first ten minutes chasing each other through the woods with Crystal close behind. They decided to take a break when Daddy Silver came to visit in the adjoining pen.


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