2001 - Jade

May 2001:

Here is a picture of Jade at just over one month old, in protest mode.

Our hope is that Jade will someday pull a sleigh, so we're harness training him. When he decides he doesn't want to go, he plops his head to the ground and makes the front end of his body limp. But if you give him a good rub he's back up and moving again. Some days there is no protest, others he balks every few feet.

April 2001:

It's a boy! Little Jade was born approximately 2 weeks early. When he was born, his mom, Crystal, didn't have milk and he was unable to nurse and grew very weak. After a trip to the vet for tube feeding, he was well enough to come home and we bottle-fed him Land of Lakes Lambing Milk Replacer.

Little wobbly legs.

We bottle-fed him every 2 to 5 hours until Crystal finally started producing milk. We would then position him under her to nurse after each bottle feeding, so he would learn how to nurse but was still getting enough to eat. He had his last bottle around 7 p.m. on day 3, and has been nursing well since then. He is now 8 pounds and getting tall enough he won't be able to stand under mom much longer.

He is now so full of energy he is hard to catch! He runs up and down the hill with Crystal chasing after him and barking at him. She gets nervous if he gets too far away from her. But he has a personality of his own, and hardly pays attention to her barks anymore.

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