Agate Inn Reindeer

Wander through the grounds at the Agate Inn and visit our reindeer (domesticated caribou). Bring along a few dandelions and they won’t want you to leave! You will be surprised by how friendly and soft Reindeer are. When they think no one is watching they play a variety of reindeer games, including what looks like king of the hill.

Reindeer joined the Agate Inn on June 2, 1999. Their names were chosen from the 59 names submitted by our guests. We walked through a herd of 300 Reindeer at the Reindeer Farm in Palmer to select our first deer. We started with two, and the herd slowly expanded to fill our sled team.

Crystal was very friendly. She followed us the entire time we wandered through the herd, so we just couldn’t leave her behind. She will eat just about anything from your hand and she loves to play, especially with her very own football.

Silver is a bottomless pit. He spends most of the year bulking up for the fall mating season. Fall is a noisy time in the reindeer pen when Silver starts calling for his mate.

While staying at the Agate Inn, take the opportunity to meet our reindeer. Join us to feed the reindeer at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, daily.

Agate Reindeer Lineage

  • A boy, Jade, was the first baby reindeer born at the Agate Inn on April 2, 2001.
  • Brother Mica arrived on the scene April 17, 2002.
  • Little sister Garnet joined the boys on April 11, 2003.
  • And brother Granite made his arrival on April 23, 2004.
  • Copper completed the Agate Inn reindeer family on April 7, 2005.
  • Topaz and Sapphire joined our herd on October 12, 2014.  Topaz is Jade's daughter.  She was born on May 29, 2003.  Sapphire, Topaz's daughter and Jade's granddaughter, was born on April 27, 2010.

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